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Nurhanisah ahmad salleh

28 Apr 2014

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

The most Awesome!

I would probably call this the complete miracle brush set. What else do I need when I have all the complete set. These brushes are relatively soft and they pick up all product excellently. I love how cute they are. They come with a holder too so you dont have to worry about losing them anywhere else. Excellent price for excellent brushes. They deliver the job very well indeed.

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07 Mar 2014

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

love love love MR BUNNY

These brushes are my first real makeup brush investment and I made a really good choice by starting with these! ( i got it from LUXOLA) The brushes are very soft and easy to clean. I haven't had any shedding problems or leaking of color. They are all very dense and apply makeup very well! I don't know what to say other than try these! You will not be disappointed :) highly recommended. I would repurchase these again!

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11 Apr 2014

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

great set!

Same review as the other bunny spouse. This set is very nice, but I prefer the Make Me sets better. These bunny brushes are Vegan, Cruelty free (why I bought them) and synthetic. On some cases, it works for them (the fact that they are synthetic), on other cases, not so much. With liquid products, like foundation, they work great. Since the bristles are synthetic, they don't eat up too much of the product. I love the foundation brush here. The powder brush is just SO SOFT! I don't use the blush brush so much because I find that it is a bit too closed off or dense for my liking. (Here is where I prefer the Make-Me or natural version). The eye brushes, I'm just learning to apply eyeshadows. I like the little angled shader. The large shader is too big for most asian eyes, I think, but the short shader is amazeballs! The large shader, I'd use for concealer isntead. THough there is a concealer brush already :) The small angled liner, i use for cream gel liners, but not for powdered ones. THe natural counterpart is better for it. I don't get the sharpest lines or thinnest lines, rather, but they work well enough for my brows. Overall, great product. If you're vegan, go for these!

Sigma Beauty Indonesia

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Sigma Beauty in Indonesia not only offers makeup and cosmetics products but also the tools used for applying makeup. Store your hair brush in a compact ‘brush cup holder’ and use our ‘heart shaped mirror’ decked with hand-placed rhinestones. Also, you can buy yourself a makeup brush cleaning glove. Amazed? What are you waiting for; Shop now!

For those who wish to stash makeup brushes; you can give it a break with our ‘Mr. Bunny essential kit’. Also, store them dry and in shape with our ‘Dry N’ Shape’ brush holder. Stock all the essentials today. Sigma Beauty in Indonesia delivers the best of quality and care. Let your eyes dazzle with our series of hot shades and eyeliners.

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