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Elly asbellah

22 Jul 2014

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

Mr Bunny Essential Kit

I purchased the Mr. Bunny kit and some individual brushes from their regular line and have been using Sigma brushes for over a month, so I can give you a good idea of what this brush set lets you do and it’s quality. I’ll start with saying that I love this kit and am very happy I purchased it. It is good value and is a fantastic kit for a beginner or someone who wants to extend their brush collection. I like the box the kit came in and it was athletically pleasing and nice that the brush cup was protected during transit. The box has a description of the Mr. Bunny kit and clearly states the names of each brush inside, although I didn't pay much attention to that as I wanted to get to my brushes as soon as possible. I love the cup holder! The leatherette finish looks very flashy, yet dignified in light blue and I like the imprinted Sigma logo on the side to show it isn't just a generic cup holder they threw in. The cups are a fantastic way to store your brushes and are a lovely display for them. I keep it on my vanity now and adore looking at it. Thankfully Mr. Bunny isn't just all looks; the function and usability of the brushes are great. I would say they're all a pleasure to use and feel on your face. The brush handles are sturdy and have enough weight to them without being heavy. They fit well in the hands, are easy to manipulate and feel like decent quality brushes.

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29 May 2014

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

my first sigma brush

at lasttt my first sigma brush.. I choose this brush cause i heard alot of wonderful things about it. This mr bunny collection looks so elegant and classic. Its black... The brush itself lovely. Have a nice handle. Its soft. All 12pcs are usefull can be use daily. Its good products and very recommended. Must have items

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Sidra bano

27 Jun 2014

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

Best collection

this collection is pretty good brush material is so smooth and light to you skin but i wish there could be additional brushes to this collection since the price is so high i love it love it so much i am new to make up and this is first brush set i have ever purchased and it worths at max

Sigma Beauty Indonesia

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