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Yi hui ong

20 Jun 2014

Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Best gel eyeliner!

Used this product to line my eyes and waterline, and it does not smudge even being applied on the waterline. Able to last for approximately 8hrs? Do try it! Since its affordable and value for money :)

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Aiza johanna zulkifli

21 Jun 2014

Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Simple To Use; Just What I Need <3

Easy to apply with the noob as I can be...this is a good starter for anyone...I've used liquid liner...and, man...I stink at that...but with this gel eye's all gewd :3 as far as 'smudgeability' goes...not too bad, I guess...I mean...don't rub like nuts then it's has staying power, no doubt, under this scorching evil weather of madnessss...:P Also, I test whether it's even as waterproof as it claims to kinda is test is easy...since I'm a tear drop junkie...if it can withstand the test of constant use of tear drops,'s aaall geewwd :3 P.S. If you want ultra strength and hard to smudge eye liner use Urban Decay's waterproof and smudge-proof eye liner :3 but at the price you mooorree than this...cheapskates like me go for optimum considerations :P :P :P hahaha <3

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19 Jul 2014

Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Pretty good

This product is pretty good, just that it tends to smudge a little when my lids get oily. This gel's pigment is quite alright. However, it is still acceptable considering its lasting power and waterproof formula :)

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