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24 Jun 2014

Lasting Drama Gel Liner

First Gel Liner/ Kind of like it

I'm not a fan of Mabelline products, but I got this quickly for my class the next day. Surprisingly, I like how smooth this gel liner goes on, and how 'Black' enough it is. I've never used gel liners (always using pencil/ liquid ones) and I like how easy you could create cat looks with winged ends. I honestly think I could do without the brush though, but since this brush is short/ small enough, it should be good to travel with! I haven't tested its durability for how long this can last throughout the day without smudging, but I'll be back to let you know!

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16 Jul 2014

Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Gel liner

Love love love this products. My favourite gel liner ever. Period. It is so black. It stays whole day from I start work till I remove my makeup. It doesn't budge at all. Sometimes I sweat or accidentally rub my eyes and it's still stay put! 

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Yi hui ong

20 Jun 2014

Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Best gel eyeliner!

Used this product to line my eyes and waterline, and it does not smudge even being applied on the waterline. Able to last for approximately 8hrs? Do try it! Since its affordable and value for money :)

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