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Sigma Beauty

Committed to make the whole world a beautiful place, Sigma Beauty in Singapore makes niche cosmetics that are suited for all. Made to last longer and poised to give the most of quality, the products are priced economically. Setting the trends in beauty and glamour, Sigma Beauty Singapore is well aware of the rising demand of quality cosmetics. They want people from all walks of life to show their beauty and they follow up on their motto with innovative line of products.

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07 Mar 2014

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

love love love MR BUNNY

These brushes are my first real makeup brush investment and I made a really good choice by starting with these! ( i got it from LUXOLA) The brushes are very soft and easy to clean. I haven't had any shedding problems or leaking of color. They are all very dense and apply makeup very well! I don't know what to say other than try these! You will not be disappointed :) highly recommended. I would repurchase these again!

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13 Oct 2013

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

Mixed thoughts - but no regrets!

I have spent MONTHS researching this brush kit. Watching and reading many reviews online before deciding to take the plunge and buy this kit. I also deliberately decided to get a synthetic brush it because it's cruelty free (ok a bit ironic since i have other animal hair brushes) and also because apparently it doesn't shed as much as animal hair and store as much bacteria as animal hair.  so, after using this a few times what do i think? i seriously love the packaging and the faux leather container it comes in. although i don't use the container, it's so nice and sturdy it's perfect for travel. the brushes are so wonderful soft against the skin and feel very luxurious to use. however, one thing i have come to realise is that obviously this kit was made my caucasian or people with bigger eyes and faces than asians. everything is a bit out of proportion. i can't use the crease blending brush much because it's just SO BIG it doesn't fit my crease.  the rest of the brushes are fine and useable. My favourites being the F40 large angled contour brush, F70 concealer brush and the E55. Actually, even the E55 which is supposed to be a relatively compact shader brush is a bit large for Asian eyes (tip, get the E20 small shader brush which is perfect for Asian eyes and more detailed eyeshadow work). I sometimes think that I should have gotten the natural hair brushes, which I feel pick up more pigment and feel a bit sturdier than the synthetic brushes, but i think these will definitely last a LONG long time. and they are cruelty free!!! :)

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29 May 2014

Mr. Bunny Essential Kit

my first sigma brush

at lasttt my first sigma brush.. I choose this brush cause i heard alot of wonderful things about it. This mr bunny collection looks so elegant and classic. Its black... The brush itself lovely. Have a nice handle. Its soft. All 12pcs are usefull can be use daily. Its good products and very recommended. Must have items

Sigma Beauty Singapore

Sigma Beauty is a fashion-forward beauty brand known for its revolutionary makeup products, particularly its extensive collection of hand-sculpted natural and synthetic brushes made with the finest materials. With a mission to keep the world beautiful, all Sigma Beauty products are specially designed and thoroughly tested for performance, resistance, and durability to satisfy – even exceed – every customer’s expectations. 

In 2008, Sigma was founded by husband-and-wife tandem, Simone Xavier and Rene Filho, in New Brighton Minnesota. A husband who’s a civil engineer turned businessman plus a wife who’s a veterinary researcher with Ph.D. in infectious diseases, the couple’s diverse knowledge in business and molecular biology gave birth to this amazing makeup brand. 

Sigma started out as a simple online business. But after a series of good reviews and recommendations coming from Internet beauty bloggers, like TiffanyD, and professional makeup artists to the stars, like Mario Dedivanovic, Sigma unexpectedly turned into a full-blown, multimillion-dollar makeup company in just a short span of time. 

Sigma is rapidly rising through the ranks of the beauty industry’s highest-grossing cosmetic companies, shipping products to more than a hundred different countries around the globe. Sigma also has approximately 13,000 online affiliates to vouch for their products functionality and a growing social media fans: a Facebook page with more than 174,000 likes and an Instagram account with over 111,000 followers and counting, where they feature instructional makeup videos.

Sigma Beauty opened its very first actual store in the Mall of America in Minnesota, the most visited shopping mall in the United States, in December of 2012. It’s now planning to open more physical stores this time in New York and Los Angeles

Sigma Singapore is now available online at

Sigma’s Success – Thanks to the Internet

Just like how ordinary people became instant Internet sensations after a million views on YouTube, positive word of mouth from numerous influential bloggers online brought Sigma to where it is today.  

Sigma Beauty founders, Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho, moved to the U.S. from Brazil in 2009, so Simone could earn her doctoral in veterinary medicine at the University of Minnesota, where she eventually worked as an assistant clinical professor.

Simone said that friends and family started asking them to bring so much beauty stuff the moment they arrived to the U.S. since American products are far more costly in Brazil. This is how they came up with Sigma, as an online biz that exported goods to their native country. But after seeing how online makeup tutorials from beauty bloggers can influence not just people but sales, too, the couple changed their company’s focus to cosmetics and began designing their own products.  

In an online article of about Sigma’s online success, it was said that Filho designed his first set of makeup brushes four years ago after friends in Brazil asked him to send American makeup brushes but found that these brands didn’t export. At the time, he didn’t have any professional or educational training in cosmetics, let alone in making fully-functional makeup brushes. 

Simone began researching online to learn everything there is to know about brushes – shapes, prices, and preferences – which led her to the YouTube channel of TiffanyD, a self-taught makeup artist from Atlanta whose makeup tutorials have been viewed more than a hundred million times. Simone sent TiffanyD some of her husband’s handmade brushes for feedback but eventually got a YouTube video, in which the beauty video blogger was raving about how wonderful her new Sigma brushes were. And just like that, Sigma brushes started selling like hotcakes. “That’s when I knew we had a business,” Filho says.

Today Simone and Rene work full-time as Sigma’s Executive Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer respectively and currently employ 60 people in their New Brighton headquarters in Minnesota.  

Discover more about Sigma Singapore at  

Five Most-Frenzied Sigma Brushes Online You Must-Have

A high-quality makeup brush is just as important as a decent makeup palette. Fortunately, Sigma offers a wide array of practical and budget-friendly makeup brushes that will absolutely suit your different needs – whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. What’s even more amazing about Sigma is that they offer various brush kits to choose from – from complete brush sets for beginners and advanced, to compact travel kits, to vegan brushes. 

But if you still can’t decide which brushes to pick up, check out these Sigma brushes that makeup experts and makeup junkies alike are going crazy about:  

  1. Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit – The only eye kit you’ll ever need! The Performance Eyes Kit includes eight brushes – E11 Eye Liner, E16 Tight line  Liner, E17 Waterline Liner, E21 Smudge, E36 Blending, E46 Shader, E47 Shader, and E56 Shader – for the precise application of practically any liquid, cream,  and powder eye product.  This is undeniably the must-have collection for creating the most exquisite eye makeups you’ve always wanted.

  2. Sigma Beauty F60 18K Gold Foundation Brush   – Even Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, loves the super-soft bristles of this stylish brush.  Designed to deliver a luxurious makeup application, the F60 Foundation Gold Brush is from the Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Collection, which is a lavish  assortment of one-of-a-kind brushes with 18K gold-plated ferrules. 

  3. Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Essential Kit  –  Part of Sigma Beauty’s Vegan Collection, the Bunny Collection is an animal-friendly beauty brush set that features  synthetic brushes specifically designed to deliver perfect makeup application every time. This best-selling kit contains 12 brushes that boast of super soft and  effective Sigmax HD filament fibers. The brushes come in an innovative and functional container that turns into two brush holders to keep you stylish and organized. 

  4. Sigma Beauty F35 Tapered Highlighter – This brush’s specialty is highlighting and contouring your face to give it definition, accentuate your cheek bones, and  give you a fresh youthful appearance. “This has been one of my most asked about brushes in recent videos. I use this as a highlighter or for targeted powder  applications.” – Emily Eddington, 

  5. Sigma Beauty F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush – The perfect brush for a seamless and natural-looking glow. The soft texture of this dual fibre brush allows  perfect powder or blush diffusion over the entire face. Make streaky, uneven blush and powder lines a thing of the past with this must-have multi-tasker! “You can’t deny  the fact that Sigma is affordable compared to other high-end alternatives, but the quality is impressive. I simply cannot imagine going back to applying makeup  without them.” – Sarah Hassan

What are you waiting for?  Fill up your beauty tank with these must-have makeup brushes from Sigma Beauty Singapore. Enjoy hassle-free online shopping  at today!

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