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Intelligent Nutrients

USDA Spray-On Detangler


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From the founder of Aveda comes the next step in organic beauty, Intelligent Nutrients. 100% organic and consistently rated the #1 organic beauty brand, we are loving this company which is environmentally and socially conscious, but still creating products that truly WORK. A true detangler with light conditioning benefits, it's ideal for hair that likes to tangle, snarl and generally act out. Spray to ends only to keep them clean and super shiny after a blowout.

Baby fine hair will love this in lieu of regular conditioner. Intellimune makes hair stronger, shinier and easier to comb. Packed with delicious, food-grade ingredients, combined with a bevy of other fruit extracts and certified organic ingredients for healthy beautiful hair. Formulated without sulphates, parabens, silicones, ethoxylates, PEG, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.

Spray to hair to banish knots and tangles.


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It is easier now to conditions your hair

I am kind of surprised when i first smell this product. I am aware that it is made with natural ingredients, but the smell just nowhere near nice. I am not too picky about this kinda thing, but for you who has a sensitive sense of smell will not like it! But other than that, it works nicely. I have a permed hair, and this product makes my hair smoother. It helps to define my curls too. 

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Smells great but a little too oily

The first time I used the products, I followed the instruction as stated on the bottle and ended up with really oily feeling. So the next time I used it, I sprayed it on my palm and apply liberally to my ends. Works okay but not fantastic. Smell great though! 2.5 for making my hair ends smell great.

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