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Master Liner Cream Pencil in White



Brighten and increase the white intensity of your eyes making them appear bigger with Maybelline New York EyeStudio Master Liner Cream Pencil in white.  It has a cream texture in a wind up pencil form that allows for precision every time. The formula is rich in pigments, nylon and waxes that allow the pencil to be soft and smooth while adding boldness to any look.

This pigmented crayon provides a smooth, super white line that really does not budge. Oil-free and 100 percent waterproof and smudge-proof.  Safe for sensitive eyes, contact lenses and ophthalmologist-tested.

Lightly trace along the inside of your lower waterline. For a more obvious effect, line the upper lash line too.


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A disappointing purchase

The white do not show up when i lined my lower lashline. This was the sole purpose I bought the liner and it didn't work. I tried for a few times, thinking perhaps my eyes might have been too wet but it still didn't work very well. I will not purchase this item again.

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Not so great

I've been wanting to try a white eyeliner but haven't had the courage as I thought it'll look weird on me. I've decided to try this white eye pencil as a starter. It doesn't work on me though. Its very difficult to draw on my waterline because the colour doesn't show. When I tried to draw slightly below my waterline, it also doesn't show. I don't know if its my wrong technique, but I won't recommend this product for those who wants to create the eye brightening effect with light coloured liners.

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