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Sleepy Bubs Massage Oil



We all know how relaxing a massage can be, so share the power of touch with your baby using Milk’s all natural Sleepy Bubs Massage Oil. The wonderfully soothing scent will have your baby moments away from sleep and off with the fairies in no time, hopefully lending a bit of respite to mum and dad as well!

Made with certified organic lavender oil, certified organic chamomile 3% in jojoba oil, certified organic sunflower oil and certified organic calendula oil. Safe for every day use.

Warm some Sleepy Bubs Massage Oil in your hands and then onto your babies tummy, rubbing softly in a circular motion. Make your way from the tummy to the arms, through to fingers, legs and toes, giving gentle rubs & soft squeezes along the way. End with a face & hand massage. Just apply a tiny amount of oil to your fingers & massage your baby's cheeks, forehead and head. Make sure you keep the oil away from your baby's eyes.


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