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Stinky Winky Odour Deodoriser



We all love babies, but let’s be honest, come diaper change time no one loves the way they smell! To the rescue comes this all natural product which keeps the unpleasant baby smells at bay.

Created with certified organic geranium rose essential oil, rose wood essential oil, citric acid, certified organic rose otto and certified organic jasmine extract. Long lasting and safe for use anytime.

Grab the spray and squirt liberally throughout the room to enjoy the natural floral aroma. Secret tip: great for any bathroom too!


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Soothing and comforting

The fragrance is not overpowering but soothing and seems to help me relax. I don't have a baby yet but I am using it because one of the strenghts of the product is in its organic nature.Would recommend to people who hates those fake, manufactured scents.

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Stinky Winky Odour Deodoriser

i use this as a room and toilet air freshener. It does not linger very long but it does take the unpleasant smell away. I feel it is quite expensive to use a light air freshener. My bottle is kinda faulty as when i press the bottom cap will pop out

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