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Miss Ferling

Baume de Dalmatie



Inspired by the Dalmatian, you won’t be able to keep your paws of this irresistible softening white hand cream, infused with small black beads containing nourishing active ingredients, which melt into the skin when massaged to enhance its moisturising properties. Packaged in a pretty pink and red tartan cardboard tube, it’s the perfect size to tote about and keep hands super smooth.

This non sticky ultra nurturing hand cream, with an edible cookie smell, it’s free from silicon and mineral oil, is enriched with extracts of softening black liquorice, moisturising white lily and hyaluronic acid and glycerine to retain moisture. The small black moisturising pearls contain glycerine and alginate to sooth and soften the skin.

Apply a small amount to dry hands when necessary throughout the day.


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Lovely Packaging

Such a cute hand creme that's perfect for small spaces, I keep this in my bag. It will be a great gift for a dog lover. A little goes a long way, lovely scent, great texture that is absorbed fast, does not leave your hands greasy. Maybe a tad expensive for the amount you get but a great treat.

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Light scent

Bought this cute little hand cream for a Christmas gift exchange and this was the review from my friend: Lightweight and handy to put in a purse for everyday use. Black exfoliating dots gave an extra touch to it and smells really yummy. Hands were smoother after a few uses but only a little is needed for each use!

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