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Miss Ferling

Baume des Tigresses



Protect hands (and claws!) from the effects of the urban jungle with this softening, moisturising and soothing pale pink tigress hand cream. Blended with natural ingredients in a gorgeous texture, it is delicately scented with marshmallow and the eco-friendly aluminium old-style tube and cute design makes it ideal for a small bag, the office drawer or the car.

Enriched with natural botanicals, including passion flower extract to protect against aging whilst simultaneously smoothing; mallow extract, well known for its moisturising virtues; mango butter for nourishment, and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin supple and retain moisture, the mineral oil and silicon-free formula will leave your hands expertly moisturised and soft without a greasy feel.

A small drop is enough to leave hands moisturised for several hours.


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It smells divine!

Apart from the smell and possibly packaging, there isnt much else to rave about this product. Its tiny and works like any other decent moisturiser would. But for times when you need a very quick slap of cream on your hands, and dont want to carry something huge, its pretty handy. Especially when travelling.

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Not the best out there

Was excited to get this when it was available for luxola. For only 15g of product, $17 is actually a tad pricey. It doesn't perform miracles, it's not super moisturising like they claimed. However the scent is pretty good. If you're looking for a nice handbag sized hand cream and is willing to part with $17 for a product of this size, then I guess it's a pretty okay buy. Overall the product was pretty disappointing.

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