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Emporium Candle Snow Gardenia



Light up your senses with the Emporium Candle from MOR. The luxurious glass, wrapped in 17th century inspired art and gilded with 24 carat gold is almost as tempting as the heavenly scent that lies inside; a mix of snow gardenia, juniper berry & angelica create a classic fragrance with a base of ylang ylang, vanilla & sandalwood.

Soy way for a cleaner, longer burn (up to 40 hours), 24 carat gold decal and 100% cotton, lead free wick.


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Feminine scent

I bought this candle because it's striking - a black candle! It has a floral scent, mostly gardenia. I love the feminine scent and think it's great for girly sleepovers. It also burns well and can last for a good period of time, so I think it's quite a good buy!

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