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Travel Kit

Enjoy Multi Tasking Lotion 30ml, Turbo balm 10g, Stress less 10ml, Fresh skin 5ml, Clean skin 30ml


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The travel kit contains all you need to keep you feeling and looking beautiful from take-off to landing and beyond. Containing five miracle products for effortlessly revitalised beauty on long journeys, wherever you are heading, enjoy a truly bon voyage with this invaluable kit that means you always travel in style. Indulge in these carefully selected travel products that keep you looking refreshed. All your travel necessities in one easy kit!

  • Enjoy multi-tasking lotion -  an ultra rich blend of 8 skin-enhancing exotic essential oils for lasting hydration.
  • Turbo Balm - a multi-purpose balm to moisturise and soothe dry, chapped skin, lips and cuticles.
  • Fresh Skin - a refreshing and hydrating face spray to cool and moisturise.
  • Clean Skin - a natural cream cleanser with rosehip and Olive oil.
  • Stress Less - with a decongestant blend of Eucalyptus and Ravensara to clear the sinuses and ward off germs.
  • Enjoy multi-tasking lotion, 30ml - apply to face and body and massage onto skin until absorbed. 
  • Turbo balm 10g - apply to lips, cuticles or dry areas. 
  • Stress less 10ml - apply to pulse points or dab onto tissue and inhale. 
  • Fresh skin 5ml - spray onto face and body. 
  • Clean skin 30ml - apply onto skin with water and wash off.


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Love it

I love the travel kit pouch, it is high quality and is durable. I enjoyed the products that came with it inside especially the Stress less essential oil. I let many of my surrounding friends try it and they all fell in love with it. It can be applied behind the ear or wrists any time of the day for an all day stress relieved environment. The lip balm have a herbal like taste that I have not gotten used it but the mist, cleanser and moisturizer are all very satisfactory. This kit is worth the money. 

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Nice travel kit

I love the pouch it comes in. Have not tried any of the products except for the Stress Less as I am waiting to use it during my travels. Stress Less is nice to use and is somewhat relaxing as part of a bedtime ritual. I am not certain I like the zip bag it comes in as it is difficult to zip. I got this at a discount, not sure if I would have gotten it at full price.

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