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Slant Tweezers


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This best selling product from Tweezerman grabs every hair, every time.  A ‘Best of Beauty’ winner chosen by Allure editors for 12 years. Top eyebrow artists always recommend the original, award-winning Slant Tweezer for expert brow shaping.  

With superior calibrated tension and perfectly aligned, hand-filed precision tips, Tweezerman’s tweezers close evenly and firmly, creating the cleanest, most advanced pulling power. Slant tip is the perfect angle for tweezing brows. Stainless steel is long lasting and easy to clean.

To ease tweezing, take a hot shower or use a warm washcloth to open pores. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage. To close pores post tweezing, use cold water or astringent.


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Sharp & Wonderful

Not much to say about these beside, these are some serious tweezers! They work great quickly with accuracy (what I need) and move on. - Very precise and easy to use. They also seem like they will last for a long time.  Yes, they may seem pricey compared to other types of tweezers, but my justification for the price is that this costs less than I would pay to go get my eyebrows threaded twice, and obviously with tweezing you have more control over how you want your eyebrows shaped than you would have if you went and got them done by someone else. About $20 is a pretty small price to pay for years of great eyebrows!  Apparently, the downside of Tweezerman is they only offers a free lifetime sharpening for their Tweezers in the States. - Not in Singapore

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